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Quick Energy Efficiency Tips for Your Austin, Texas Home

System - Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Owning a property in Austin, Texas can result in high energy bills. If you aren’t taking the necessary precautions for things like your energy use then your Austin energy bill could be daunting when it arrives. To avoid financial pains caused by inflated power bills we’ve gathered some tips on how to become more energy efficient in your Austin, Texas home.

Turn Off & Unplug Unused Electronics

Think of home right now. How many electronics are plugged into the wall at this time? Probably much more than you actually realize. Americans are spending more than $12 billion annually to power the electronics in their homes, and your Austin property isn’t safe from the financial burden of doing so unless your actively monitoring what electronics are feeding on your power. A great way to handle limiting the consumption of your devices is to take advantage of power strips. Every single night when you go to bed or every day when you leave for work you can turn the power to these strips off. This method saves you power and money over the long term by disabling your devices when they aren’t in use.

Installing energy efficient appliances and brands can have a big impact on your energy consumption. When buying new appliances for your Austin property keep an eye out or ENERGY STAR-labeled products or any other energy efficient certification so you know what you’re getting.

Your Austin Property’s HVAC System

Heating and cooling your Austin home can feel like a roller coaster at times. Over this past year it feels as if we’ve experience the worst of every season, minus the snowfall the rest of the country has experienced. This can lead to wildly varying electricity bills as the temperature goes from 30 degrees to 100+ degrees.

Having a system that is programmable can save you loads of money in those wild times. With this you can schedule the temperature of your Austin home for when you’re away and for when you are at home.

Be sure to consistently replace the filters on both air conditioners and furnaces to keep them performing best and helps reduce allergens such as Cedar that filters into your home.

Your Home’s Lighting

When’s the last time you had to pull up a chair and replace your light bulbs? If it’s been a while it might be time to visit the idea of replacing the lights in your house to more energy efficient types and brands. If you’re home still has incandescent bulbs you should switch immediately. Once you make the switch to LED & CFL bulbs you can see a decrease in energy used by your lights in the range of about 70%. No joke! It also goes without saying but we’re going to say it anyway – be sure to turn off the lights when they aren’t in use.

Taking the time to make these small adjustments can save you money on your Austin energy bill and bring your energy consumption way down. As the summer approaches and A/C bills go up be sure to implement these changes to see a difference in your property’s efficiency. Do you have questions on how to make your property more efficient? Give us a call today (512.617.6766) or shoot us an email to connect with an Austin property manager.

Learn How Much Your Austin Property Will Rent For

System - Tuesday, February 19, 2019

If you’re the owner of a property or properties in Austin, Texas maybe you’ve consider leasing them out to earn monthly income via rent. Many home owners make the decision to rent their homes instead of listing them for sale for a multitude of reasons.

Some of the benefits you’ll see once you choose to rent your home:

  1. Generates Cash Flow
  2. Tax Deductions
  3. Capture the Increase in Property Value
  4. Building Equity in Your Home

The question you’ll want to know so you can do the calculations on whether renting or selling is a better idea is how much your Austin property will earn in rent every month. To learn how much your property can earn in rental income click the image below and fill out your property details. An Austin property manager will provide you with a FREE Comparative Market Analysis for your Austin, TX property to show how much you can earn!

learn how much your property will earn in rent in Austin

Our Austin property management services are prepared to help you achieve greater results & ROI for your rental property. Get started today and contact the team at Stone Oak Management.

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System - Wednesday, January 30, 2019

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2019 Austin Property Management

System - Friday, January 18, 2019

With the arrival of 2019 comes a new calendar year for your Austin rental property. Maybe you currently have a great tenant with a long lease and everything is running smoothly! Unfortunately, while Austin is a great rental market, a lot of your rental home’s success can be determined by those you hire to manage your property.

Looking back on 2018 and how your rental property performed for the year you might be satisfied. However, if your property of portfolio’s performance could be better it might be a good time to consider partnering with a better Austin property manager. Maybe you realized that discount, flat-fee managers are just that – discount – and they don’t provide the full, turn-key service you are looking for when it comes to your rental home.

For 2019, consider trusting your rental portfolio with Stone Oak Management and our highly experienced team of Austin property managers. We do more than just collect your rent and make sure there are no fires. With Stone Oak, you’ll enjoy the benefits of a premium Austin property management company for less.

Why Owners trust Stone Oak with their Austin rental homes:

  • Stone Oak is completely transparent about our pricing, and while we offer a complete turn-key management solution, you won’t be paying out the 10% other managers like to charge for their ‘premium’ service. Stone Oak charges a fee equal to 7% of the monthly rent on your unit. You’re getting everything for that 7% with no up-charges.

  • Month-to-Month contracts are the only thing we offer! Other Austin property managers are going to try and lock you down to a year of service and make you pay to cancel. With Stone Oak Management, all of our owners have the right to cancel their service at anytime they wish.

  • Stone Oak only earns money when you do and will never charge you when your property is vacant. You’ll never pay us a dime to manage your property unless the unit has a tenant and is earning rental income.

  • With over 20k website visits annually from perspective tenants and the software and integrations to make your property show up on thousands of rental sites - we provide your Austin rental with the exposure it needs to lease quickly and earn monthly income for you.

  • Over the course of 2018, the average time it took for ‘for lease’ listings on the Austin MLS to rent took 40 days. Over that same span, Stone Oak leased its properties, on average, 8 days faster. This means Stone Oak leases your home 20% faster!

  • Our Austin property management services are backed by our guarantees. These include a ‘pay for results guarantee’, an ‘eviction protection guarantee’, an ‘easy cancellation guarantee’ as well as a ‘6-month tenant guarantee’.

This only scratches the surface on why our clients enjoy working with us. Established in 2010, Stone Oak Management has never lost a client to a competitor and we don’t plan on starting with you. To learn more about what we can do for you and your Austin rental home in 2019 you can contact us on the web or give us a call at 512.617.6766.

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