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Below are some common questions we hear from our Tenants. Click the question below to see the answer. Please review below and if you have any further questions feel free to contact us using our online form.

Can you hold an Austin rental home for me before I apply?
No, unfortunately we can only hold a home once an application has been approved and the required funds have been provided to us. Austin is a competitive rental market and our homes always receive multiple applications. If you are interested in one of our available properties be sure to begin the rental application as soon as possible.

How old do you have to be to apply for an Austin rental home?
The minimum age is 18 to be on a lease in one of our properties. Additionally, everyone over the age of eighteen who will be living together must apply for a to be on the lease. Be sure to inform your Austin property manager of all individuals over the age of 18 living in the home to avoid any complications.

Is any of the security deposit for my rental property refundable?
Yes. We want the rental property to look like it did, or better (one can dream), then when you moved in. This is someone’s home. While you are there, it is your home. We want you to be proud to live in one of our rental properties. We give all residents a checklist and guide of what to do upon move-out to maximize your chances of getting 100% of your security deposit back.

Who needs a cosigner to lease one of your Austin rental properties?
Anyone who does not meet our criteria for credit or income. This could be someone with spotty credit, two roommates that together have the income, but one doesn’t have enough credit. 

When do I need to turn on my utilities?
Utilities are required to be on the day of move-in. You can call most utility companies far in advance of your move-in. It is recommended to have them on prior to your move-in date. For a list of utility providers please feel free to contact us.

You have a property in Austin I want to rent. How do I apply?
Find the property you want to rent on our website under the “Rentals” tab. Here you will find instructions for how to apply!

How long does it take to get approved for a rental property?
It depends on your references. Typically our biggest delay is getting in touch with past landlords or employers for verification. It can be done in a day, but it is rare. You can expect two or three business days.

Can someone else apply for a property that I am waiting for approval on?
Yes, we accept the first qualified applicant. If there is delay from your references, it may slow the process enough to allow someone else to be accepted ahead of you. 

How do I pay rent?
The preferred method is through your tenant portal. Once you sign the lease we will generate a login for you. From here you can pay rent from your checking account and even set it to auto-pay at no cost. Upon request we can generate a bar-code that allows you to pay with cash at any 7-Eleven convenience store or CVS pharmacy for a small fee paid to the store. Stone Oak also has a drop box at the front door and tenants are welcome to pay their rent via check delivered to us. 

I want to get a pet. What do I do?
Look yourself in the mirror and say aloud, “Why do I want a pet? Why? I can never go out of town again without inconveniencing someone.”

I still want to get a pet. The mirror bit didn’t work. What do I do?
Most of our properties are pet friendly, however some landlords may elect to not allow pets. To check property specific requirements, please contact our office. Further information with next steps will be sent to you including a pet screening that is required. If approved, a monthly pet fee will be added to your account. Keep in mind, no aggressive breeds are allowed. This isn't unique to our Austin property management company and most insurance providers won’t allow it.

I want to move out, but my roommate wants to stay. What do I do?
Your first step is to contact us and let us know. You will need to find a replacement or have us assist you in finding one. The new roommate will have to be approved just as you were. You will still be responsible for your portion of the rent until a replacement is found and a new lease is signed. *An approved lease change is subject to a minimum of $150 fee or as stated in section 28 of the lease as determined by management.

My lease expiration is coming and I want to move out. What do I do?
Check your lease. Most of our leases require a 60 day notice, but with a move-out at the end of the month. Basically all of our leases are written in a way that the property should be available to a new tenant on the 1st of the month. This means you will be on the hook for a full month’s rent on your last month, so plan to leave at the end of the month and give notice as your lease requires. Again, check your lease, but call or email if you need help.

Who is responsible for paying for repairs & maintenance requests?
For a list of tenant responsibilities reference section 17 and 26 of your lease. Please note if a repair is deemed neglectful or caused by the tenant, it may be charged back to you. These are items like lawn care and a/c or fridge filters. A great real world example was a stopped up and sometimes slow draining toilet. We called out a plumber to fix the issue and there was a doll head in the drain line. This repair was on the tenant. Her kiddo even owned up to the doll head.

What if I need a new garage door opener?
Garage door openers may be left at the property by the previous tenants. However, we do not guarantee that a property will come with a garage door opener. Tenants are welcome and encouraged to purchase their own openers. Programming will be specific to the model of the opener and can be found online. Garage door openers should not be used as a main entrance to the property as they can become faulty if the batteries fail, power to the property is lost, etc. Please be aware that if you lock yourself out of your property, it will be your responsibility to hire and pay a locksmith to grant access.

Should I touch up paint when I move out?
It is our internal policy to not allow tenants to do touch up painting at the end of their lease because it can lead to further damage. If the paint used does not match exactly, then we would have to repaint the entire wall which would be much more costly. Further, if paint is spilled on the flooring, then it may result in us having to replace carpets, etc. The owner did elect to paint much more than just this charge; we only charged you back 10% of the bill to cover the scuffs and marks on the wall that was caused during your tenancy.

How does prorated rent work if I don't move in on the 1st?
When you move in you will pay the full rent for the following month, and then on the first of the following month you will pay the prorated rent for the move in month. This allows us to pay agent commissions and other related expenses in a timely manner. An example would be if you moved in on December 15th you will pay the full January rent at move in, and then on January 1st you will pay the prorated rent for December. After that rent is always due on the 1st for the duration of the lease.

My pet is no longer living at the property. Can I remove the pet fee?
If a tenant has more than one pet fee on their account, then we can remove the fee as long as at least one other pet fee remains on the account for the term of the lease. To remove a pet fee, you must have proof that the pet is no longer living at the property – a letter from the vet is the most common example. Upon lease renewal, If there are no longer pets at the property, then we can remove all pet fees once we do an inspection of the property and the tenants provide proof.

Please note – If damage is found caused by a pet, the pet fees are required to remain on your account until move out.

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