How to Unlock the Combination Lock on Your Rental Property in Austin, Texas

When accessing a Stone Oak rental property here in Austin, Texas, chances are you may come across a combination lock attached to the door or hidden elsewhere on the property. These locks typically hold a set of house keys so any party with the combo lock can access the home at any time. At Stone Oak Property Management we use two different types of combination locks pictured here below. For help accessing the keys inside either of these combination locks scroll below for instructions. 

How to Unlock the Vault Locks Combination Lock

To access the lock, the first thing you will need is the combination to the lock. This comes in a four digit code represented by XXXX. If you don’t already know the code, please contact Stone Oak Property Management and your property manager for that information.

Once you have the combination to access the lock you will want to rearrange the numbers on the lock to match your code. Be sure to have each number from the access code to be displayed across the middle line of the selection wheels – represented by the 0000 outlined in the image below.

Once the correct code is entered on the selection wheels all you you need to do is pull the front of the lock towards you from the top as seen in the images below.

Voila! You have now unlocked the combination lock and can access the set of keys on the inside. Be sure to lock them back up if need be!

When it’s time to lock the key(s) back inside the Vault Locks combo lock, all you need to do is put the keys back into the lock, close the face back up and shuffle up the combo so it no longer displays the correct 4 digit code.

How to Unlock the Shurlock Combination Lock

Similar to the Vault Locks combo lock, the Shurlock Combo Lock will require a 4 digit code to unlock. Once you’ve been provided with this code you’ll want to enter the given code into the center of the lock’s selection wheels, as seen below.

Once the correct code is entered on the selection wheels you’ll notice a sliding opening on the lock’s side as seen in the images below. All you need to do is slide this up to open and you’ll have access to the set of keys inside the lock!

You’re in! Be sure to replace the key and lock it back inside when you are finished.

To lock the lock back up, all you need to do is replace the key, close the sliding hatch, and the mix up the combo so it no longer displays the correct 4 digit code. After that’s done, the lock should be closed and locked!

For further assistance with unlocking a combination box please contact your property manager with Stone Oak by email or by phone at 512.617.6766!

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