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What to Expect From an Austin Property Manager

System - Thursday, January 25, 2018

When it comes to your Austin rental properties you want the best. A rental property is an asset proven to be a great investment over time and you want to make sure it’s cared for in a way that ensures longevity, as well as income. You’ve considered your options and have decided being a full-time landlord isn’t for you and we totally understand. The instant you put occupants in the property that asset is no longer just your rental property, but also someone’s home that you must start considering when making decisions regarding you’re Austin, Texas rental property.

So you’ve decided to partner with an Austin property management company. A quick Google search reveals you have options when it comes to property managers, so how do you decide who to hire? Well, it turns out not all Austin property managers are created equal. Like any industry, you’ll find a spectrum of companies in Austin offering different services, claiming to be the #1 Austin property manager and the best financial option for you.

So what should you be expecting from your Austin property manager?

Simply put, a lot.

Property management has a lot of moving parts that need to work in unison for you to experience a stress-free time. Partnering with a dedicated team with years of experience should be the first thing you look for in an Austin property manager.

A Dedicated Team

While there are individuals successfully managing properties for others, having a dedicated team for property management makes everything seamless. For your property(s) to run smoothly, it takes a team effort from everyone, marketing to maintenance. Your property experiences various stages of the rent cycle as the time passes. At times it’s vacant and needs marketing, at times it’s occupied and your tenant’s need support, and sometimes your property is experiencing difficulties and needs repairs. Partnering with an Austin property management company that has you covered regardless of the stage your property is in can leave you with a stress-free rental property!

Stone Oak’s highly experienced Austin property management team consists of individuals from different professional backgrounds dedicated to keeping your investment up to par year-round.


What is your current property manager doing to market your property? It’s 2018 and the times are changing. The internet now dominates the market and your probably still being told the usually ‘MLS’ spiel for marketing your property.

Marketing your Austin rental property goes beyond just putting the property on the Austin MLS and letting it syndicate to the various websites tenants may have chance of finding your property on. Sure, you can find tenants this way, but how much of an effort is being made and how fast is it happening? Stone Oak approaches rental home marketing differently. We have an in-house team that are Google Partners & hold certifications in the most-used digital marketing platforms, such as Facebook. We actively target potential renters using various media channels and are constantly putting your property in front of 1000’s of potential Austin renters. Our website,, experiences 1000+ unique visits a week from Austin area renters looking for rental homes just like yours! Our efforts here allow us to offer Stone Oak’s 30 Day Rent Guarantee.

Potential tenants are rigorously screened and vetted before being put in your property. When Stone Oak places a tenant in the property, we have full confidence that the tenant meets all desired criteria and could be in the property for beyond just one lease term.


What’s important to you is most important to us. Over the years, in speaking with hundreds of different Austin property owners, communication is every landlord’s #1 characteristic thing they look for in a property management company. Stone Oak practices single-point-of-contact management. Once you sign up with Stone Oak Property Management, your property(s) is assigned a portfolio manager. This individual will be the sole person you contact for everything involving our services. No hoops to jump through, no being put on hold to talk to another department, just you calling a live person every single time who is going to take care of anything you need done. Your tenants even have a dedicated individual to contact regarding maintenance for their property. This individual coordinates the entire thing from start to finish, resulting in quick repair times and happy tenants!

Owner and tenant satisfaction is our #1 priority at Stone Oak. If there is ever an issue at hand you can expect a quick resolve for all parties involved.


Your Austin property manager should be completely transparent and run an ethical business. Resorting to Google and Yelp, should help you get an idea of what other client’s think of the various property managers in Austin, Texas. It’s a good way to make sure that not only do owners like working with this property manager, but also that their tenants like renting from them and having them as landlords.

Stone Oak and our entire staff are dedicated to running an ethical business with transparency for all involved. As a property owner with Stone Oak, you’ll have the means to track all financial reporting tied to your property and keep tabs on what’s happening with your property in real time. Our software allows you to login and check on all of this from anywhere. Your property management company is basically an extension of yourself and has the power to make financial decisions for you, how transparent is your current manager?


Convenience for your tenants is key. Your Austin property manager should have systems in place to allow for the payment of rent as well as notify the manager of maintenance or any issues. As the owner of the property, you should be provided with the means to check in on your property and the status of it.

Stone Oak utilizes the best software suite in the business, providing convenient tools for both owners and tenants. Your tenants can pay their rent, report maintenance issues, and connect with the entire staff with the click of a button. You can track financials and the details of your property in real time via our owner portal on our website.

So you’ve decided to hire an Austin property management company to help with your rental portfolio. Now that you have a better idea of what to expect from a quality firm, be sure to shop around options and speak to everyone that seems like a good fit for you. Be sure to remember that your property manager is an extension of yourself and partnering with a team you can trust is key!

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