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Stone Oak Resident Update | June 2024

Grant Williams - Tuesday, May 28, 2024 Email Outage

We had a short outage for all of our email addresses ending in  If you sent us an email to an address with that domain anytime between Sunday, May 26th at 11pm and Monday, May 27th at about 6pm it is possible that it didn’t make it through to us.  If you are unsure please resend your message, send a follow up asking for confirmation of receipt, or call our office to confirm that we got your email.

Election Season Ends Today!

Today, Tuesday, May 28th, 2024 is the last day to vote in the primary runoff elections!  Get out there and make your voice heard!

Summer AC Season Has Begun

We all feel the heat when we go outside, and it’s only May.  You will soon receive an email from us about HVAC Expectations and Tips.  Please make sure to read that email so you can know what to expect if you feel like your AC isn’t working as you’d prefer, or if you want some helpful tips on AC use.

Spring Storms

We’ve recently had several strong storms come through Central Texas that have resulted in roof leaks and damage.  Please take a moment to look at your roof, from the ground only, to see if there is any obvious damage such as missing or lifted shingles, loose shingles in the yard, loose or missing siding, or interior signs like water spots on the ceiling.  If you see any of these please report them through your tenant portal, and if there are any large water spots on an inside ceiling then stay out from under it until it can be determined if it is potentially a hazard.


With the changing seasons come little, blood sucking pests that nobody likes.  Here are some tips to help minimize their impact on you:

  1. Eliminate Standing Water- Mosquitoes breed and lay their eggs in water, so avoiding this means nowhere for them to nest. Remove any empty flower pots, buckets, clogged gutters or drains, puddles, tires that catch water, and other places that could end up being filled with rainwater.

  2. Avoid Overwatering Your Yard- Make sure you are only watering your lawn and plants as much as is necessary. Too much water will leave puddles and damp areas where mosquitoes will remain near at all times.

  3. Maintain Proper Distances for Tiki Torches & Bug Zappers- Tiki torches can be effective as long as they are within a close distance to your location. (Ensure they aren’t placed under or near anything that could catch fire.) If you decide to use a bug zapper, keep it as far away from your home as possible since it is made to attract flying pests like mosquitoes.

  4. Wear Long Sleeves & Pants- Whenever possible, wear long sleeves and pants when you’re outside to avoid getting bitten by these annoying pests.

  5. Hide Your Scent- Find ways to hide your scent with smells mosquitoes don’t like such as garlic, basil, peppermint, lemongrass, neem, or even deet found in products.

Annual and Lease Renewal Inspection Reminders

If an inspection is scheduled,  we do require a minimum 24 hour notice to request cancellation or reschedules. Tenants may be charged a $75 missed appointment fee for cancellations or failing to make the property accessible for any regularly scheduled appointments.

Introducing Self Inspections

We’ve recently set up the option for our tenants to perform inspections of the property using an app at their convenience instead of trying to coordinate a visit by us.  This is not required, and is strictly voluntary.  When you’re contacted by us about an upcoming inspection this may be offered to you, or you are welcome to ask about it!

Lease Reminders

We are heading into the beginning of the busiest time of year. That means more annual inspections. Please note the following important  lease reminders: 

We have found a number of properties that have either a trampoline or an above ground pool which are not permitted.  See section 12 D of your lease. If you have one of these items, please remove them to remain in compliance with your lease. 

Something else we are finding are unauthorized pets.  Even if your pet is an emotional support animal or service animal, you are required to register your ESA via If you find yourself having a pet that has not been added to the lease, we are happy to help with the process of adding your furry friend. The link below will take you to the pet screening site to being the process of adding your additional family member to you lease agreement to ensure you remain in compliance with the requirement of documenting any pets or service animals. The link to begin the process is referenced below if needed.

Thank you for being a resident of a Stone Oak rental property! Please don't hesitate to contact our staff if we can help with anything.

Send the Staff a Message

Login to Your Tenant Portal 

Routine Maintenance Reminders

- Maintenance Requests: We still receive a lot of maintenance requests that state something vague like "washer" or "AC" without any other info about the actual issue.  We cannot act on requests like this and will require that you provide more info, so any request like this will only delay a resolution to the issue.  Make sure you provide as much info as possible in your request including pics if possible.  

- Maintenance Portal: Please make a list of any items you want to submit, and then list all issues together as one request including as much info as possible and attach photos if applicable.  We will then evaluate whether they should be split up or not.  

- Smoke and CO Alarms: As a reminder don't ever unplug and remove smoke detectors because they are beeping. Change the batteries and if that doesn't work please notify us. We find a lot of tenants unplug them and bury them in a closet or drawer instead of replacing batteries.

- A/C Filters: Make sure to check and change every month or as required by the type of filter. If any HVAC systems in your home have a reusable filter you are still required to clean them periodically, so please make sure they are kept clean.

- Toilets: "Flushable" Wipes CANNOT be flushed.  Do not put anything down the drain except water, human waste, and regular toilet paper. Food, toys, feminine products, wipes, towels, wrappers, condoms, and other objects do not break apart and go down the drain. Clogs of the plumbing system may be charged back to you, so it is best to avoid this by not putting anything down any of the drains aside from water and human waste.  

- Disposal Systems: This includes using the sink disposal as a garbage chute.  These appliances are not meant to dispose of large quantities of food and should only be used as a last resort after all food items are scraped off dishes into a compost bin or trash can.

- Drainage: Shower, bath, and sink drains can get clogged up over time with hair and other organic matter. Do not use Draino-type products as they are extremely acidic and will do more harm than good by damaging the pipes while usually failing to fix the drainage issue.  The best way to address this is to use a disposable drain snake that can be obtained from any hardware store for a couple of dollars. Please note that if we send out a vendor for this and it turns out to be this very issue you may be charged back for the cost. Here is a video on how to use those -

Emergency Maintenance: This extension should not be called unless you have an issue involving Flood, Blood, or Fire.  Do not call the emergency line to follow up on existing work orders or submit a new request that is not an emergency.  In case of an emergency call 911 if needed and then contact us after everyone is safe.  Remember that we do not monitor emails after hours, so if you submit something considered an emergency online and do not call we may not know until the next business day.

Other Maintenance Notes:

If you'd like to inquire about, or update an existing request, submit the form at or call 512-617-6766 ext-5.

Maintenance time frames continue to be extended due to the pandemic.  Please allow at least 5 business days before requesting an update from our team unless it is an emergency.

For basic DIY tips and tricks to solve some issues quickly, visit our DIY rental property maintenance page.

Your Tenant Portal & Electronic Statements

The system will generate a statement even if you're moving out, so there is no need to contact us if you receive this and are moving. All charges, including any prorated rent, will be adjusted as needed when the deposit is processed.

If you are not using the portal app that keeps you logged in please take a look at the linked flyer for more info. This can eliminate forgotten passwords, and help with easy updates/access to maintenance requests and all other account details.

AppFolio Tenant Portal Information

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