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Is Your Austin Property Manager Doing These 3 Important Things?

System - Friday, April 12, 2019

Property management, while simple in explanation, is not an easy task. It’s like playing church mouse when everything is running smoothly and there isn’t much noise until one day that quiet property is now a noisy distraction. If you’ve partnered with the right Austin property manager then you probably can’t tell when your property is either – unless things have really gotten out of hand for your property. Here are three things your property manager should be applying when managing your property.

Understand the Tenant’s Perspective

When it is 110 degrees in Austin and your Austin property manager is getting bogged down with service requests it can be easy to get caught up and discouraged. However, your property manager should be able to empathize with those tenants and understand that an urgent repair can seriously be a detriment to that tenant’s life if not handled in a timely manner. When the property management company handling your property is able to see things from your tenant’s perspective then service requests and repairs can be handled with tact and care as if it were their own home. This results in better maintenance, response times, and overall tenant satisfaction with your property!

Staying on Top of Industry Trends

Things are always evolving. It doesn’t matter what industry you’re looking at – things always advance and evolve. Whether it is software that better markets rental properties, changes to property taxes in Travis County or anything that could apply to your Austin rental property it’s always good to stay on top of changes within your industry. If your property manager is in-tune with their industry and what’s leading the development of the industry then you should be in great hands!

They are Preventative

Committing to a costly repair in the moment can feel like it hurts financially, maybe even emotionally. It’s easy to see something small that you could address and tell yourself that you’ll address it next year. However, unnecessary delays in maintenance can turn a molehill into a mountain quickly. Your Austin property management company should always have a long-term, value-building approach to your Austin rental home and how they handle its day-to-day management.

It seems simple, but partnering with a company that actively applies these three things to their process can reap benefits for you, the owner/investor. Integrating a property manager who does can position your rental home in a great spot to improve its condition and value over time. Learn more about Stone Oak Management and how we manage your Austin rental property.

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