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5 Ways to Improve Your Rental Home's Kitchen

Jason Huval - Monday, August 14, 2017

Quick Ideas to Keep Your Austin Rental Property's Kitchen Up to Date and Like New!

Keeping your rental home up to date and like new is the key to retaining great tenants and getting the maximum rental rate for your property. The infographic below shows 5 ways owners and investors can keep their Austin, Texas rental property's kitchen up to date!

improve your austin texas home's kitchen

Stone Oak caters to maximizing our owner's ROI on their rental homes. We regularly audit properties and recommend only necessary and beneficial for them and their tenants. Ready to discover better property management for your Austin rental property

TGIF: Let's Eat Sushi, Austin

Jason Huval - Friday, August 11, 2017

While Stone Oak is a leader in Austin Property Management, we are only human.

When we aren’t finding your Austin rental property great tenants or making sure your residents air conditioner is working we like to indulge. One of the biggest benefits of being a property manager in Austin is the seemingly endless supply of great restaurants and places to eat!

Despite our better judgment and hatred towards those extra calories, this awesome city sometimes doesn’t give us a choice. From our owners to our maintenance team, we consider ourselves foodies and we regularly make it a point to find a new, great place to eat in the greater Austin area! Stone Oak is a locally-owned Austin business like the many restaurants we visit, so we’re going to Keep It Weird and give our favorite local spots a shout-out!

Today is a special Friday for us in the office! It’s Sandy’s birthday and we’ve decided to go to order our favorite sushi spot for their awesome lunch special. Midori Sushi is unanimously the favorite sushi spot for everyone here at Stone Oak Property Management. 

Located at 183 and Anderson Mill by Gold’s Gym, Midori is a little spot offering large flavor. They run an awesome lunch special everyday from 11-2 that can’t be beat. Each lunch special you get features your favorite roll, phoenix roll with Midori sauce, as well as a couple of pieces of sushi. Believe us when we say they've figured out how to do rice for sushi the right way. Plus all of this for around $11 has us recommending this spot to every one of our friends, family and clients.  The staff is excellent every time we visit and always greet us from the moment we enter the door. If you’re a foodie in Austin that is into sushi, be sure to check out Midori. You can find their menu and more online

Happy Birthday, Sandy!

Austin Property Management - What are the Costs and What's Worth It?

Jason Huval - Tuesday, August 08, 2017

Just like any other industry or market, Austin provides rental property owners with various options of property management companies to partner with. While these companies all provide similar services, just like with anything else, that there will always be differences. In any market you’ll find big money players, those willing to do it for less than anyone else, and everywhere in-between.

Discount property management is marketed everywhere. One low monthly fee and the company will handle every headache and issue with the utmost responsiveness – or will they? Property management is no easy task and requires a lot of moving parts and coordination with teams. Yes, your Austin rental property is a house, but it’s much more than that. It’s an asset that requires great management and care to consistently see high ROI. So you’re paying someone a flat fee of $40-50/mo, how much of a priority is your property for them at that rate? Be wary of property managers offering a what seems to be an unbeatable price – hiring the RIGHT property manager will be the best decision you ever make – not the cheapest.

Stone Oak Property Management, like some other property managers in Austin Texas, provides our owners with premium property management services for a low monthly percentage of your rental rate. When you call around and do your shopping for your next property manager, ask them how their business model runs and how extensive and helpful their staff is. You’ll often find that the low monthly option guys only have one individual overseeing a multitude of properties due to inability to hire a full-time staff – so are you a priority?

When starting our company, our founders looked to inspiration from many property managers across the nation and discussed with them how their model was set up, what we needed to charge to provide our clients with a profitable asset as well as a perfectly maintained one, how we could work to improve our relationships with our owners and much more. This is why Stone Oak is the only property manager in Austin TX that doesn’t lock owners into a contract, proving month in and month out 

With a market like Austin’s, when it comes to property management you’re going to get what you pay for. Some managers, like Stone Oak, have found a formula that lets us house an incredible, supportive staff while providing you with the best deal and service for your rental property.

Just be sure to understand what you’re getting and what you aren’t when you partner with a discount property manager. If you’d like to learn more about Austin property management and the many benefits of partnering with the right manager, please don’t hesitate to contact our awesome team!

Convenient Austin Property Management: Single Point of Contact

Jason Huval - Tuesday, August 01, 2017

When evaluating your next Austin property management company, there should be a list of things you are looking for in them. Some owners are curious about their processes handling tenant acquisition, marketing, maintenance or maybe price. One important factor to be sure to consider when evaluating Austin property managers is the responsiveness and ease of contacting them.

Stone Oak Property Management offers each of our landlords a single point-of-contact management style. Each of our accounts are assigned an individual within our organization that will be their main point of contact for their property. This assigned individual will be an experienced property manager who will be able to field and handle all communications with the appropriate action. No more jumping through hoops to get to the party you need. With Stone Oak Management, you can connect with your assigned representative at any time to chat or discuss your property.

This is just one of the many services and implementations that make Stone Oak Management Austin’s best property management company. If you’re looking for a comprehensive solution to all things rental properties in Austin TX, contact Stone Oak today!

Getting a Feel for Austin TX Rental Properties

Jason Huval - Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Getting a Feel for Austin TX Rental Properties

For a city like Austin TX, the rental market is strong. According to a report U.S. News and World Report survey, Austin has been ranked the #1 place to live in the United States. The report states for every person who moves away from Austin nine more are moving into the city. This equates to a healthy pipeline of prospective tenants rental properties throughout greater Austin.

With the ease of access the internet allows most renter’s are starting and ending their search for their next home online. If you’re property manager hasn’t prepared or is unable to utilize the various channels tenants start their searches on then you’re property isn’t receiving the exposure it deserves.

As a leader in Austin TX property management, Stone Oak spares no effort when finding ways to insure you’re property is viewed by the largest pool of qualified tenants possible. Our in-house marketing team is at the forefront of the real estate’s digital landscape and takes advantages of several technologies allowing for simple, efficient tenant acquisition.

At the beginning of the year we wanted to find a solution for utilizing a digital first real estate market. If we could allow prospective tenants to see and look around the inside of the properties without having to set foot on the property, our owners would surely see the benefits of that when it comes to leasing their properties. Stone Oak Property Management now shoots all of our Austin Texas Rental Properties in VR/360.

Full Listing

With the simple swipe of their mouse, those looking for a new rental can now get a feel for your property inside and out from the comfort of their own choosing. This is just one of the many things Stone Oak Management is setting out to improve to insure quality experiences for both our Owners and our Tenants. Contact us today to inquire about our management services, and be sure to check out all of our available properties.

Austin Property Management

Jason Huval - Monday, July 17, 2017

Austin Property Management: Advantages of Partnering with Stone Oak Property Management

When it comes to Austin property management there is definitely no shortage of options to choose from. However, choosing the right property manager to handle your investments is a big decision that can play a key role in your properties return on investment. What if we told you not all Austin property management companies were the same?

As a leader in providing property management for investors and homeowners throughout Austin TX, Stone Oak has many advantages that come along with our services. The relationships we build are important to us. We’ve worked with Realtors and their clients across greater Austin TX since 2011, being named the preferred property manager of several real estate brokerages around such as Reilly Realtors, Central Metro Realty, Outlaw Realty and many others. Stone Oak provides excellent communication and service and has been able to service these brokerages clients to the highest expected levels. So whether you are a client referred to us by your realtor or someone shopping around property managers online, you can rest assured that when you choose to partner with Stone Oak you are partnering with an Austin  property management leader.

What are some benefits for you as the owner of an Austin rental property?

We rent homes fast! Not only that, we guarantee the tenants we’ve placed for 6 months!

We have single point of contact for the owner. Ever have a question and you call a company only to be forwarded from person to person? With Stone Oak, you’ll always have just the one person to call and they will handle every need you may have.

Your statements are electronic and quick. Curious as to what is happening with your Austin rental property? Our property management company is set up so that you have ease of access to everything. All of your properties information is accessible to you 24/7.

We have 24/7 maintenance. Your tenants will thank you later for partnering with Stone Oak. Now when they face a problem in the dead of the night they know they can contact us and speak with an individual on the phone no matter the time.

We offer superior marketing. Some Austin property managers will snap some photos with their iPhone and be on their way. With Stone Oak Property Management, your property is filmed and photographed traditional and new ways. Prospective tenants can even tour your property in virtual reality. Our in-house marketing team is always finding and exploiting avenues of marketing so your home is seen by the largest pool of qualified tenants. Seriously, our marketing takes it to another level. 

We provide extensive tenant screening. Some property manager’s only check credit to qualify tenants. It’s a much more thorough process with Stone Oak. We access numerous databases provided by information companies to qualify your tenant. With us you know your tenants can pay their bills as well as live peacefully.

We are member of the National Association of Residential Property Managers and our owners receive better representation because of it.

What truly sets us aside as an Austin TX property management company is our staff. No one is above any task within our organization and we cater to you. Our staff will listen to you and provide catered solutions to any problem you may be facing with your property. Discover today why Stone Oak Property Management is Austin’s most responsive property manager

5 Benefits of Partnering with Stone Oak's Austin TX Property Managers

Jason Huval - Wednesday, June 14, 2017

5 Benefits of Hiring Stone Oak and our Austin TX Property Managers

Looking for the hard facts on how beneficial our Austin property management company can be for you? When deciding on whether to bring a manager into the mix with your home portfolio, you’re going to have a plethora of questions on how their Austin property management company will operate and what services will be provided to you and at what cost. Here are 10 reasons why Stone Oak has consistently delivered an exceptional rental home experience, for both owners and tenants, using our Austin TX property managers.

Austin Property Management Leadership & Experience

Our staff is made up of individuals all boasting decades of experience working with rental properties and managing assets. They’ve all been working with or owning Austin rental properties since the early 2000’s. While you’ll have the ease of single point of contact with your chosen Stone Oak representative, you’ll know that you’ll have teams in management, marketing, accounting & sales to help you every step of the way.

Standard Operations

Stone Oak Property Management has proven operational procedures for Austin property management. We’ve crafted standard practices for every community and building we serve and custom tailor solutions to fit owner needs. Stone Oak practices ethical, transparent business practices allowing you to receive full reports on your property(s) outlining and costs or expenses associated with your Austin rental property.

Austin TX Vendor Relationships

Stone Oak has been providing Austin property management services to owners for over 8 years now. As time has passed we’ve established rewarding relationships with vendors in all different sectors of home maintenance. All of Stone Oak’s maintenance work comes at a discounted rate allowing you, the owner, access to lower costs for maintenance.

Communication with Your Austin TX Property Manager

As far as Austin TX property managers go, Stone Oak is one of the most responsive, dedicated teams. In all of your dealings with Stone Oak Management you’ll always have a single point of contact who you can rely on to take your inquiry and make things happen. The tenants we place in your property suffer no sacrifice when renting your Austin rental property. All of our tenants are afforded the ability to pay their rent online and will be able to talk to a person about their home with our 24/7 tenant hotline. Stone Oak has continually provided a top notch Austin rental property management experience to both owners and tenants.

Attention to Detail

Stone Oak’s Austin TX property managers are keen on insuring the longevity of your property. Our property managers understand each property and it’s owner. As mentioned earlier, not only do we custom tailor our services to better fit an owner’s needs, but we also custom tailor our services to find the right solutions for the properties themselves. Our property managers take the time to understand your property and what makes it tick. By understanding the challenges your property faces we can better service and maintain your property before disaster strikes.

This is just a brief overview of some of the benefits of hiring Stone Oak Property Management as your Austin TX property manager.  With Stone Oak, you partner with Austin’s #1 management company with the added benefits of no risk, month-to-month contracts. Discover today how your investment properties can run on auto-pilot with Stone Oak Property Management as your partner. Fill out your information in the contact box and one of our team members will contact you!

Why Hire an Austin Property Manager?

Jason Huval - Thursday, June 01, 2017

Austin Texas Property Management 

If you're an individual who owns investment property in Austin, TX, you may consider hiring a property manager to oversee your investments. Owners in the Austin market can spend a lot of valuable time dealing with tenants, maintenance, etc. This is time that could be spent elsewhere and can require hours of tedious work. Getting a property ready, finding tenants, and maintaining properties can require time that you, as an owner, just may not have.  

Many owners have found freedom by partnering with an Austin property management company. An experienced Austin property manager can managing your Austin rental property easier. Stone Oak Property Management offers owners and investors alike with a comprehensive, full-service package for their property(s). Managing a rental property can be tough. Throw in an entire portfolio and you'll find yourself constantly busy with various work and maintenance. You can partner with Stone Oak and receive the below services and much more for your property(s). 

  • Find and place quality, rent-paying tenants. We offer all of our owners a tenant guarantee. 

  • Set up online portals for both you and your tenants. You'll be provided monthly reports on your properties. Your tenants will be able to pay their rent online providing easy access to make their payments. 

  • We effectively market your property ensuring less days on the market and more days occupied. We even go as far as photographing your property in virtual reality 

  • We handle all of the coordination. We provide our tenants with a 24-hour emergency line. In the event they ever need maintenance (and they will), we'll handle the coordination of our preferred vendors to take care of the problem. No headache for you and no phone calls from angry tenants.  

  • We'll get you market rate. Our professionals can accurately price your property at the highest rate the market will allow.  

  • No more dealing with tenants. Stone Oak is the point of contact for your tenants. Unless you prefer to be hands on, your tenants won't even know who you are. Imagine the money you'll save on Tylenol.  

  • Our team is the most responsive in the business. You call, we answer. We pride ourselves on the relationships we foster with our owners.  

  • No long term contracts. Stone Oak Property Management won't lock you down for a year like every other Austin property management company. We earn your business every single month.  

Stone Oak's services can be custom tailored and offer so much more than the bullet points cover. If you're a property owner in Austin thinking about leasing their home or hiring an Austin property management company, it's worth your time to discover how a partnership with Stone Oak can be very beneficial to you. You can visit our Austin property management page and inquire to learn more. 

Common Tenant Complaints

Jason Huval - Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Common Tenant Complaints and How to Address Them

Overseeing rental properties and managing their occupants can be a stressful time for any property owner or manager. One thing most owners don’t consider is working with the wrong manager or company can leave tenants feeling equally as stressed. Tenants will complain, as they always have. When renting a property, they expect service to the property in exchange for rent -which they should.

Knowing how to properly address tenant complaints with a quick, formal response is vital. A great landlord-tenant relationship will help insure high-quality, paying tenants are more likely to renew their lease every year. If your tenant is satisfied they are likely to stick around and have your rental property earning its potential month-in, month-out.

So what are some common tenant complaints and what is your property management company doing to relieve the situation? Discover the Stone Oak Management difference and how we cater to insure satisfaction for both tenants and property owners.

Common Complaint: Poor Communication

From the moment a tenant shows interest in your property and would like to discuss its availability, you should be completely upfront with them. Discuss everything that’s pertinent in the lease and anything that could play a factor into the day-to-day lives of your tenants. Don’t leave it to them to fully understand a lease and instead let them know upfront what the lease entails and any responsibility that will be put on them for their tenure in the rental property. You may even go as far providing a ‘cheat sheet’ for them that contains all notable info for them to quickly review. Poor communication can hinder any business negatively, especially ones that deal with the living situations of others. Stone Oak Management provides a 24/7 line for tenants to contact us. Our team of Austin TX property managers offer unparalleled responsiveness to both our owners and tenants allowing us to provide a high level of service.

Common Complaints: Maintenance Issues

If you do some scouting on various property management companies in Austin, Texas, you’ll find that a lot of negative reviews have to do with the handling of maintenance issues. For any property manager with a large portfolio, maintenance requests and issues can pile on very quickly, especially in the busy season. If your property manager isn’t prepared or doesn’t have the systems in place to deal with this tenant satisfaction can drop quickly. No one wants to be ignored as the heat rises outside and their AC goes out. At Stone Oak Property Management, we provide a 24/7 maintenance line as well as an online portal for tenants to report issues. We have a fleet of vendors ready and willing to act on any tenant maintenance request. Not only that, we have partnerships with these vendors that enable your repairs to be done at reduced costs and faster speeds. Our vendors understand each time they step onto your property they are representing you, the owner, and Stone Oak Management. As a dedicated Austin TX property management company, Stone Oak has a strong stance on great customer service for our tenants provided by our team and vendors.

Common Complaint: Lack of Privacy

Being a landlord can mean you occasionally interject into someone else’s life. Tenants can feel their landlord doesn’t provide enough privacy to them if the manager is to hands on with the property. Aside from anything that can cause damage to the property or your tenants, it’s not only respectful but a legal requirement to give tenants a 24-hour notice of any visit to the property. Using certified mail or reaching them by phone is one way to know tenants are aware of any visit that will happen soon. Stone Oak Property Management values our tenant’s privacy. Our tenant screening process allows us to put trust in the tenants we place for our landlords. This enables us to perform a limited number of visits per year while insuring your property is in great hands!

Common Complaint: Unreturned Deposit

The process of deciding how much of their deposit a tenant receives back can leave a disconnect between the managers and tenants. To combat this, Stone Oak is completely upfront with our tenants about any requirements for their desired rental property they are responsible for. Our tenants receive a newsletter with tidbits of info and advice on how to maintain the property allowing them to receive more of their deposit back or all of it back. We are very specific with our charges upon a tenant’s move-out to provide them with a clear indication as to why they aren’t receiving their full deposit back.

Stone Oak Property Management has been providing Austin rental property owners with a full range of comprehensive management services for the past 7 years. Our team is dedicated to providing outstanding support and service to both our owners and their tenants. Our Austin property management professionals offer no risk, month-to-month property management contract terms in response to our level of service. If you aren’t satisfied with your property management service, you can fire us – it’s that simple! Looking for a new a property manager? You owe it to yourself and your business to discover how Stone Oak can help manage your rental property portfolio!

2017 Austin Property Management

Jason Huval - Monday, May 08, 2017

Teaming up with just any Austin property manager in 2017 will lead you to various degrees of success with your rental property.  Is your property vacant or occupied? Are you receiving the highest rental rate possible? How’s coordination and communication with your property manager and tenants? Are you satisfied with your Austin property manager’s performance and urgency with your property?

2017 Austin Property Management Companies

Not all Austin, TX property management companies are the same. You’ll find many property managers consider you to be just another property and as long as their portfolio is growing then the company is happy. They’ll ask you to sign a one-year contract to do business with them and then you are stuck. What if their service isn’t up to par?

Stone Oak Management, an Austin property management company, was established to provide property owners and real estate investors with a better management company. From the start, our company was founded by landlords who understand that your properties are some of your biggest assets you own. We handle all of our owner’s properties as if they were our own and tailor our service to each of our owners providing custom services to each. Before we became property managers, we relied on them, and where some teams were unresponsive, hard to get ahold of or mismanaging our property, Stone Oak was founded with clear mission. That being we provide transparent and comprehensive property management solutions while setting out to make both the owners and tenants happy.

Don’t like working with people you don’t want to? At Stone Oak Property Management, we get it. We offer our premium management services to owners with no minimum contract term. Your rental properties are your business and as a business owner you shouldn’t ever feel comfortable being obligated to work with someone. Our Austin property managers make it a point to earn your business month-in, month-out and only offer month-to-month contracts ensuring your satisfied with your service or you fire us. It’s that simple! It’s 2017, should you be forced to work with your current property manager?

Austin property management doesn’t have to be difficult so don’t let it. Give Stone Oak a call today – 512.617.6766 – or send us an email to learn more about our services and how to make the switch to a better property manager today!

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